Family History

The Ottomanelli Family History In The Meat Business

The Ottomanelli family originated in Bari, Southern Italy in the early 1900's. It began with the Visceglies. The Visceglies had a farm whereby villagers would come and buy pigs, goats, lamb and other livestock to be slaughtered and then butchered.

When Francesa Visceglies married Gennaro Ottomanelli, this was to be the beginning of greatness. They had twelve children, three of these later migrated to America to establish the "Ottomanelli" name in the meat business. These three men were Joseph, Onofrio (Red) and Salvatore.

In 1932, Joseph was the  first to arrive in New York City,  took up residence in Greenwich Village and opened a meat store. Onofrio also arrived in New York City around the same time, and helped lay a strong foundation for the Ottomanelli family business, often working arduously from early hours to midnight.

By 1948 Salvatore had arrived from Italy and was reunited with his two brothers in the family business. The year 1949 was the turning point for success. Red had opened a store in Greenwich Village, New York which would flourish and grow until today. Salvatore opened an Ottomanelli meat shop in Woodside, N.Y., which would successfully prolong for the next  60 years. Over time, the Ottomanelli name earned a solid reputation for excellence and
uncompromising quality in the meat industry.